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Since 1980, Loomis Sales Corporation has been at the forefront of plastics technology. From injection molding and thermoforming to screen printing and plastic fabrication. With specialized expertise in commercial fishing gear (Loomis Marine); POP (Point of Purchase) displays and hardware items; and with the only CDC certified TB skin test ruler – Loomis Sales prides itself on utilizing the highest standards in delivering innovative plastics products solutions to its clients. Though we are advanced in our technology research and plastics innovations, we are a little old fashioned when it comes to how we treat our customers. We do business with people from every corner of the globe. But they are all treated like neighbors. And since we are based in a small coastal community, being a good neighbor is simply a core local value.

For us that local value means:

BE AVAILABLE. Real people work for Loomis Sales. Not automated phone banks.

BUILD RELATIONSHIPS. We work to get to know our customers so that we never try to sell them things they don’t need.

KEEP PROMISES. Handshakes still mean something to us - even if they are done over the phone. Integrity is essential.

Contact Loomis Sales today to see how our global vision and local values can help your business get more out of its plastics products. We promise you won’t find the same quality products with the same dedication to service as you will with us.